Women & Atlantis

Atlantis has been welcoming women to our vacations since our very first resort week in 1991. Although women comprise just 5-10% of our guests, they come for the same reasons many men do: The freedom to be yourself, and a combination of facilities, activities, entertainment, parties and value that has no equal in the industry.

Is Atlantis right for you?

We think so, but we want you to be sure before you come. Many of our women guests have traveled with us on multiple vacations. Most of them are couples, although a few single women travel with us too. We believe in a community that reaches beyond the traditional boundaries of our local environments, and treat women with the same respect and courtesy we treat all our guests.

The women who do travel with us always have a great time. They’re welcome at all of our events and activities, and often end up being the stars of our guest games and shows. In addition, we host women’s get-togethers, dances, dinners, and other events throughout our vacations. And we’re always ready to respond to a suggestion or request.

If you’re ready for a week of fun that’s mostly men and welcoming to women, we’d love to have you along!