Our Company

In 1991, Atlantis Events held our first all-gay resort event with 300 guests at a Club Med Resort in Playa Blanca, Mexico. What started with the very simple idea of “a gay week on the beach with friends” has blossomed into a company producing all-gay cruise and resort vacations all over the world. Today, we are the largest company in the world dedicated to creating unique vacations for the gay and lesbian community.

Even now, hosting some 20,000 guests a year, Atlantis is dedicated to the same premise of creating a welcoming community that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else: a place where you can relax, be yourself, and have fun in ways you never imagined.

Our staff comes from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. We have professional party planners, talent scouts, business executives, travel experts, and customer service specialists. We even have some straight people! What we all share is a passion for travel, and a commitment to ensuring our guests have their most memorable vacations ever.

We are a privately held company, independent in every way, and absolutely committed to providing the highest vacation standard to all our guests.

Rich Campbell, President & CEO

Rich founded Atlantis over 25 years ago, looking to create a unique place for the gay community to come together to play. Prior to founding Atlantis, Rich was a management consultant for strategy firm McKinsey & Company, specializing in the Media and Electronics industries. He has also worked in various freelance development and production jobs in Hollywood.

Rich holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and came to California to attend USC Film School’s graduate program. He flies around 250,000 miles a year, some of it for fun.

Team Atlantis

In addition to our full-time Los Angeles-based executive, reservations and production staff, Team Atlantis also includes part-time staff from all over the world who join us on location to extend the Atlantis personality and esprit de corps in everything we do. Our talented and creative Team Atlantis are your hosts for the week, and often your new friends.

They’re available to answer your questions, respond to suggestions, introduce you to a new friend, and help you make the most of your vacation. They’re the ones that travel with you, ensuring everyone is comfortable and having a great time!