New Smoking Regulation in Mexico

The government of Mexico recently passed additional, stricter regulations regarding the use of tobacco products in public spaces. Smoking or vaping in areas other than those designated for the consumption of tobacco products is strictly prohibited and may result in fines imposed to you and/or CLUB MED by the government. CLUB MED reserves the right to deny you service if you smoke or vape in non-designated areas, including but not limited to the guest rooms.

Communications Timeline

About Three Weeks Before Departure

Review our preliminary schedule including party themes. We try to keep our party themes simple enough that you don’t have to worry about them long in advance. You can create a sensational outfit, shop for something fun, or simply come as you are — either way you’ll fit right in and have a great time. Themes for your resort will be sent by email and posted right here on the “Already Booked” page about 4 weeks prior to departure.

Two Weeks Before Departure
Read our Resort Vacation Guide with valuable information about your resort, the entertainment, packing advice, and so much more. We’ll notify you by email once this document is available for download.

The Last Days Before Departure
Check your email for any last-minute communications regarding check-in advice, weather updates, parties in our departure city, and other things that might come up.

Travel Insurance

Protect your vacation investment against the unexpected. Atlantis recommends Travelex Insurance.