Travel Alerts and Updates

December 15, 2021

As we face a unique and unprecedented time in the travel industry due to Covid-19, Atlantis continues to look forward to bringing our guests together on exciting vacations that create lasting bonds and friendships in the LGBTQ communities. We’re changing policies and adding new features to allow you to book with confidence and sail safely. As you can imagine, this is a changing landscape of information and we will endeavor to keep you updated as best we can. Please continue to watch this page for the latest updates.

The safety, security, and well-being of our guests, entertainers, team, and shipboard crew, will always be our number one priority on all Atlantis vacations. We understand that some of you considering or planning an upcoming vacation may have questions and concerns right now and want to assure you that we are constantly reviewing the best possible options and opportunities to ensure your safety and make the experience fantastic in every way.

Since most of our vacations are many months out, we have time to both plan and respond to changing situations in operations and booking. A great deal can change in a few months, as we have all seen in the past two years. We are confident that as we head into 2022 that the safety standards from both Atlantis and the rest of the industry will allow many of you to travel safely once again.

Towards that end, Atlantis is committed to both creating a friendly and welcoming experience as well as ensuring that our cruise and resort partners maintain the highest standards for your safety and health during your vacation.

Atlantis Play Safely Policies

All guests, on all of our vacations must show full proof of vaccination for Covid-19 in order to travel. There are no exceptions to this rule.

As of December 15, 2021, full vaccination means that you must have completed a course of any WHO approved vaccine at least 2 weeks prior to your departure date. This standard may change at any time without notice and we will inform all booked guests of any changes as soon as we know them.

Additionally, most of our vacations require testing for Covid-19 prior to arrival and in many cases a second test upon arrival. This two-step testing process is designed for your safety and the safety of all our Atlantis community.

Assuring Your Safety

Our cruise and resort partners continue to receive and share real time updates on the preventative measures and protocols being implemented based upon CDC and WHO standards and recommendations. Each has developed their own safety policies and Atlantis will often exceed the standards of our vendors.

We work closely with our partners to adapt our programming and experience to the new protocols as they are established. As the cruise lines implement new safety guidelines, we will work closely with them to create the best possible Atlantis experience for all guests. In all cases we will make sure that no matter what this is still very much an Atlantis experience in every way. Again, please visit the “Already Booked” page for each trip for specific details.

As we get closer to each departure, we will update the relevant trip page with more detailed information.

For frequently asked questions and information regarding the Coronavirus and how it impacts travel worldwide, please visit the following websites:

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19 Travel Policies

Why can’t Atlantis offer the same flexible policies as the major cruise lines?
Simply put, we don’t have a fleet of ships or weekly departures to transfer bookings to, nor do we have a robust market or financial resources to cover cancellations. The major cruise lines handle hundreds of thousands of passengers on hundreds of ships daily.  We obviously don’t have that fluidity in the marketplace. Atlantis is a special event, similar to a festival or concert where our vendors and suppliers are paid years in advance under non-refundable contract terms.  Atlantis has taken substantial financial risk to charter our ship and our policies are created to allow us to bring these experiences to you in a fair and reasonable manner.

What happens if your vacation is rescheduled or canceled?
If your vacation is canceled by the cruise lines or other vendors, you will receive your choice of a credit towards a future Atlantis vacation (with a bonus incentive), or a full refund. If a vacation is rescheduled to a later date, your tickets will be valid for the new dates of travel. We highly recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

What if the itinerary changes?
Itineraries can change at any time due to a variety of factors.  We would let you know as far as possible in advance and of course would work to find an equally exciting itinerary for you.

What if I’m not allowed to travel due to government issued restrictions?
If a government restriction does not allow you to travel, we would permit you to cancel and give you a credit for the full value of your cruise towards a future vacation. All such cancellations must be made no later than 30 days prior to sailing in order to receive a future cruise credit valid through 2023. Suites are not included in this policy. As always, we highly recommend travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

What if I’m unable to travel due to COVID-19 ?
We are more than 2 years into a global pandemic and for this reason Atlantis highly recommends travel insurance to protect your vacation investment against all unforseen circumstances. Should you positive for COVID-19 and are unable to travel due to infection or illness, our regular cancellation penalties would still apply and you would likely receive no refund. We are a small company and unable to make exceptions to this policy.
You can purchase travel insurance from a variety of providers, including at the time of purchase for your Atlantis vacation.