THE Atlantis Events BRAND

Since 1985, Atlantis Events has welcomed over 100,000 members of the LGBT and straight-allied community on over 200 vacation events – making us one of the world’s largest gay tour operators. Due to our leadership position in the industry, we are able to charter the best ships from some of the world’s top cruise lines, including Princess, Holland America, NCL, Emerald Waterways, and Avalon Waterways.

We produce the world’s most fun all-gay vacation experiences, featuring world-class entertainment, industry-leading guest service, clear and abundant communication, a completely personalized experience for your clients, and an atmosphere where guests of all ages, genders, races, body types, and sexual orientations are welcome exactly as they are. Our selected destinations are always gay-friendly, and by chartering entire cruise ships, we can provide your clients with a completely comfortable environment, custom-tailored to the unique needs and desires of the LGBT community. Atlantis Events is a proud member of the Atlantis Events, Inc. family of brands.

We protect our brand image with strong guidelines on usage, context, and placement. As our partner, we ask that you work with us to keep building a strong brand image in all our mutual efforts.


To provide a level playing field for all, agents may only market Atlantis Events vacations on agency websites and in agency mass marketing communications (email to large data bases, print media, social media, flyers, at trade shows, etc.) once the vacation has been offered to the general public on the Atlantis Events website. The one exception to this policy is that agents may send one email to their Atlantis Events Alumni database alerting them of a new event once Atlantis Events has opened sales to Alumni only. Agents can include the link to the private Alumni site for that event in that one email. Any agency marketing communications that launch prior to our public sale will be considered a violation of this policy. Repeated offenses will result in forfeiture of commissions and could also result in being banned from selling future Atlantis Events vacations.

  • Agents must not give customers or potential clients a false perception that they are receiving access to early booking to a cruise or event when that is not the case.
  • Agents may not offer incentives in mass marketing that could be perceived by potential customers as a discount off of the retail price of the cruise statroom or resort room. These could include dollars off, onboard credits or any other item of value.
  • In fairness to all cruisers, agent-sponsored private events that close down the onboard public venues to other guests are not allowed. Agents may not market excursions that are not part of the official Atlantis Events and/or cruise line offerings.

Any violation of the above policies will result in an immediate penalty on earned commissions and possibly a suspension of the agency’s ability to sell Atlantis Events cruises.


Atlantis Events advertises substantially in both national and international media, online, and in select local papers. We encourage you to place your own advertising but please note that we must review and approve in writing all advertising that includes the Atlantis Events brand. Please submit any creative artwork to at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline. Please leave time for input and change requests from Atlantis Events.


We encourage you to advertise Atlantis Events locally and are happy to provide you with resources to aid your efforts. Below is a complete list of resources:
LGBT Event Support
We work closely with our agents to execute specialized and local events. Please contact us at if you will be attending an LGBT event or pride festival and would like to represent the brand at your event. If your event matches our marketing goals, we will supply you with materials to dress your booth and attract the attention of consumers.

The Atlantis Events brand is known worldwide in part due to a strong national marketing campaign. To build awareness we purchase advertising in the major gay publications, and attend trade shows and pride festivals. We also work closely with our agents for specialized or local promotions. You may use the following images and logos in your web and print advertising. Please obtain approval before they are published. Email for approval.
Atlantis Events Web Services
Registered travel agents can now customize and embed a live copy of the Atlantis Events rate grid into their own web site. Click here for instructions.
Approved Atlantis Events Logos
You may use the following images and logos in your web and print advertising. Please obtain approval before they are published in print or electronic format. Please send artwork to for approval.
Approved Atlantis Events Images
Downloadable imagery offered from the Atlantis Events Marketing Resources area can only be used with written permission. When using Atlantis Events imagery, the Atlantis Events logo must appear in the lower right corner of the image. Due to international talent usage rights, there are no exceptions to this policy. Atlantis Events imagery may only be used to market Atlantis Events vacations. Images may not be used to market the general gay vacation category or gay group trips. Travel agency graphics may not overlap any portion of a subject’s body in Atlantis Events photos.

Please submit to at least two weeks prior to the publication’s creative submission date. Please leave time for input and change requests from Atlantis Events.nt that they have traveled with on an Atlantis Events vacation, regardless of circumstances.