Credits for Vacations Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Updated January 21, 2021

Atlantis had never cancelled a vacation in almost 30 years, but due to the impact of Covid-19 we were unfortunately forced to cancel five of our upcoming vacations in 2020.

All guests booked on the following vacations as of their cancellation date will receive a Future Vacation Credit (FVC) to come back on any Atlantis or RSVP vacation offered through April 30, 2023. We want to make it worth your while to come back so your FVC is worth substantially more than what you paid, depending on how you decide to use it. We’re offering the following added values for our upcoming vacations:

Future Vacation Credit Bonus

Impacted Trip

New Booking On Summit
Club Atlantis Cancun 2020 Med Cruises
Club Atlantis Cancun 2021 115% 115% 125% 115%
Atlantis or RSVP Cruises on Celebrity 125% 115% 115% 115%
All Other Vacations (except Virgin) 115% 115% 115% 115%
Virgin Voyages Sailings 110% 115% 110% 110%

The amount of your credit is based on the cruise fare paid multiplied by the above, plus a credit of 100% of paid taxes and gratuities. Guests who only had a deposit would recieve a credit for the full amount plus the bonus as above.

The bonus amounts are different for each program based on our vendor contracts and their ability to offer an incentive to booked guests. We were able to secure incredible low fares on the Virgin sailing with much more included, but in return the bonus amount was slightly lower for guests who didn't originally book Virgin. The Virign rates include gratuities, which normally would not be eligible for the FVC credit, and that created the lower "bonus" value. Thank you for understanding.

Your credit is stored electronically, and we have sent a detailed explanation of the credit to all impacted guests. If you have not received yours, please contact our office and we will resend it.

As for using your credit, we have a lot coming up to entice you. Atlantis celebrates 30 years with you in 2022 and we’re planning some really spectacular experiences, with more to be added soon.

If you prefer to forgo this credit and take the lower value in a full refund, we’re happy to process that for you. Given how fluid things are today and the extra credits being offered, we wanted to give you plenty of time to make up your mind. You have until December 31, 2021 to request a refund, so even if you don’t take a trip before that you can still get the refund later. In this uncertain time, we certainly think it’s worth waiting a bit in order to keep your options open.

To request a de-activation of your Future Vacation Credit and process a refund to your original form of payment, please call our office at 310-859-8800 and we’ll get the process started for you.

We know many of you have questions, so here are the answers:

Can the FVC be transferred to another guest?
The credit is only valid for the original guests booked. However, we will allow one name change free of charge for one guest in a stateroom.

How do I use the Future Vacation Credit (FVC)?
When you are ready to book, all you need to do is provide your name and the cancelled cruise and we will look up the details of your FVC.

What if I book a vacation that’s lower in value than my credit?
If the new cruise fare is lower than the credit, we will issue you a new credit for the balance that you can use towards another vacation at the same value as listed above.

After I receive my Future Vacation Credit (FVC), can I choose to change to the 100% refund?
Yes. All guests have until December 31, 2021, to decide to change their FVC to a refund.

How can I request a full refund?
Simply call our office at 310-859-8800 and one of our agents will assist you.

Can I use the Future Vacation Credit (FVC) on an existing booking?
Yes, FVC’s can be applied to an existing reservation.

Can the Future Vacation Credit (FVC) be used with any special offers?
The bonus credit may not be combined with any discounts or special offers. It may be applied to any rate published on our website for the general pubic. Unpublished Alumni rates or discounts are exempted from the bonus FVC credit.